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sodium hydrogen sulfite


sodium bisulfite is an inorganic substance, chemical formula is nahso3, white crystalline powder, with unpleasant odor of sulfur dioxide, losing part of sulfur dioxide in exposed air, oxidizing to sulfate at the same time. soluble in 3.5 parts of cold water, 2 parts of boiling water, about 70 parts of ethanol, its aqueous solution is acidic.

product name: sodium hydrogen sulfite
alias: sodium hydrogen sulfite; sodium bisulphite; sodium hydrogen sulfate
chemical formula: nahso3
molecular weight: 104.06
cas: 7631-90-5
einecs: 231-673-0
melting point: 150 ℃ water solubility: 300g/l 
density: 1.48 g/cm³
appearance: white crystalline powder
application: reducing agent, food preservative and bleach, etc
safety description: s26; s39; s46; s25
hazard symbol: r22; r31; r41; r52
hazard description: xn
un dangerous goods number: 2693
upstream raw materials: soda soda, sulfur dioxide, sulfur, solvent, sodium carbonate downstream products: 1-(2',5' -dichloro-4 '-sulfonic acid phenyl) -3-methyl-5-pyrazolone, dij acid, 4-ethyl sulfone aniline, 1, 3-propyl sulfonate lactone, hydroxylamine, hydrochloride, karanamycin sulfate, analgin, iodovolt, industrial rapid penetrating agent
white crystalline powder. it smells of sulfur dioxide. has an unpleasant taste. exposure to the air loses part of the sulfur dioxide and oxidizes to sulfate. soluble in 3.5 parts of cold water, 2 parts of boiling water, about 70 parts of ethanol, its aqueous solution is acidic. melting point. relative density 1.48. low toxicity, half lethal dose (rat, oral)2000mg/kg. stimulating. commodities often contain sodium metabisulfite (na2s2o5) in various proportions.
packing: outer polypropylene woven bag, inner polythene plastic bag, paper plastic composite bag, kraft paper bag, etc.

main indicator
industrial standard hg/t3814-2006
firm constant value
main content (in nahso)%
water insolubles ≤ %
chloride(cl) ≤ %
ferrum (fe) ≤ %
heavy metal (in pb)≤%
arsenic (as) ≤ %

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