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n-902 efficient acid copper extractant


n-902 efficient acid copper extractant is widely used in the smelting process of tail ore, surface rock and other low-grade ores, ores with high oxidation degree, secondary sulfide ore, mixed ore of primary sulfide ore and other metals. copper is recovered as a by-product.
this product with high quality, stable performance, less consumption and other advantages has been recognized by our customers.
n-902 indicators
physical parameters
appearance: light yellow liquid
specific gravity: (25℃) 0.95-0.98
viscosity: 25℃ 190
flashing point: (℃) >62

performance parameter:
copper inclusion capacityg/l (10 v/v ) 5.5-5.9
extraction kinetics 25℃ ≥95% (30s)
extraction phase separation ≤60s
back extraction kinetics 25℃ ≥95% (15s)
reverse extraction phase separation <60s
copper-iron separation coefficient >2000
copper extraction isothermal point 25℃cug/l organic phase >4.3
water phase <1.7
copper extraction isothermal points25℃cug/l organic phase ≤2.3
water phase ≥32
copper-iron separation coefficient ≥2000
the raffinate has solubility without precipitation for 24 h

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