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hydrogen peroxide, chloroacetic acid and other basic chemical raw materials.

ethionine ester


chemical substance, light yellow to brown oily liquid, pungent odor, relative density: 0.994. flashing point: 76.5 ℃. soluble in benzene, ethanol, ether, petroleum ether, slightly soluble in water.
product name: ethionine ester
molecular formula: (ch3)2choc(s)nhc2h5
molecular weight: 147.13
flashing point: 76.5℃
it is an excellent collector for copper sulfide, lead, zinc, molybdenum, nickel and other minerals. thiocarbamate is the best collector of copper sulfide. it is highly effective, non-toxic and has good selectivity, so it is widely used in the world. it also has a certain foaming property, suitable for acid or alkaline pulp.
more importantly, thiamine ester on the one hand is an excellent collector of copper sulfide, and the sodium mercaptoacetic acid recovered from the tail solution is the best non-toxic inhibitor of copper sulfide, can replace the sodium cyanide inhibition of copper without adding activator, thiamine ester can be used for copper selection. this has made a great contribution to the environmental protection of the mine and the improvement of economic benefits.
quality standard

top grade
superior grade
ethionine ester content% ≥
isopropyl alcohol and diethyl sulfur content % ≤
dibutyl dithiophosphate sodium content: 49%-53%

storage: this product as a general liquid chemical transport, sealed storage in a dry, well ventilated place, away from the source of fire.
shelf life: 12 months.

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