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bayer n-100 curing agent


basonat hi 190 b/s 90% solution diluted with 1:1 solvesso 100 mixed solvent
storage life: basonat hi series must be kept in an airtight container because it is sensitive to humidity. in the case of unopened original package, the product can be at 10℃ to 30℃
keep at least six months. after opening, the shelf life of the product may be shortened.
product specification
basonat hi 100 : nco content (din en iso 11909): 21.5-22.5%
23℃ viscosity (din en iso 3219): 2500-4000mpa s
shear rate d : 1000 s-1
platinum cobalt (black) color number (din iso 6271): ≤60
basonat hi 190 b/s  : nco content (din en iso 11909): 19.3-20.3%
non-volatile portion of (din en iso 3251): 89-91%
23℃ viscosity (din en iso 3219): 450-650mpa s
shear rate d : 1000 s-1
platinum cobalt (black) color number (din iso 6271): ≤60
basonat hi 100 nco equivalent : ~191
basonat hi 190 b/s nco equivalent  : ~212
basonat hi series are not recommended to be diluted to an isocyanate content less than 40%, otherwise turbidity, flocculation, and precipitation may occur during storage. different storage conditions will lead to different storage stability of the product.
the basonat hi series can be used to prepare coatings with high light and weather resistance.
basonat hi 190 b/s is basonat? a solution of hi 100.
the basonat hi series may be incompatible with certain polyester resins containing hydroxyl groups.
the basonat hi 100 contains no solvents and has a wide selection of solvents for applications. for example, when used for furniture coating, slow volatile solvents may affect the dryness of the coating, so fast volatile solvents can be selected.
the results show that, in most cases, the gloss retention of basonat hi series is better than that of the biuret isocyanates (basonat hb series).
the basonat hi series has a lower viscosity than the basonat hb series, making it more suitable for solvent free coatings.

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