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antistatic agent


antistatic agent is added in plastic or coated on the surface of molded products, to achieve the purpose of reducing the accumulation of static electricity of a class of additives. usually according to the use of different methods, antistatic agents can be divided into two categories: additive type and coating type, used for plastic is mainly additive type antistatic agent. antistatic agents can also be divided into temporary and permanent properties of the two categories.
product name: antistatic agent
for brief: asa
function: make electrostatic leakage in time

any object has its own static charge, this charge can be negative charge can also be positive charge, the accumulation of static charge to life or industrial production is affected or even harm, the aggregation of harmful charge guide/eliminate so that it does not cause inconvenience or harm to production/life of chemicals called antistatic agent.

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