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sodium molybdate


sodium molybdate is an inorganic substance, chemical formula na2moo4, which is a white diamond crystal. it can produce molybdenum trioxide through oxidizing roasting of molybdenum concentrate, and then leach with liquid alkali to produce sodium molybdate solution, which can be prepared after pumping, filtration, concentration, cooling, centrifugation and drying.

product name: sodium molybdate
alias: sodiummolybdate dihydrate, sodium molybdate, disodium molybdate
properties: white crystalline powder. loses 2 molecules of crystalline water at 100℃. soluble in 1.7 parts of cold water and about 0.9 parts of boiling water. the ph of 5% aqueous solution is 9.0 ~ 10.0 at 25℃. relative density (d184)3.28. melting point687 ℃. the median lethal dose (mice, abdominal cavity) was 344mg/kg. stimulating.
chemical formula: na2moo4
molecular weight: 205.95
cas: 7631-95-0
melting point: 687 ℃
water solubility: lightly soluble in water
appearance: white diamond crystal
storage: seal preservation.
determination of alkaloids and glycosides. determination of total phosphorus and available phosphorus in superphosphate fertilizer. test for protein-free filtrate and serum protein. corrosion inhibitors. h medium, t medium, modified nish medium, ms culture base and rm medium were prepared in haploid breeding. make paint.
as precipitants, catalysts, molybdenum salts for the manufacture of alkaloids, inks, chemical fertilizers, molybdenum red pigments and fastening pigments, as well as metal inhibitors for the manufacture of flame retardants and non-pollution cold water systems, and as galvanizing, polishing agents and chemical reagents.

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