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liquid polysulfide rubber


 liquid polysulfide rubber refers to low molecular weight polysulfide rubber. it is an almost odourless, viscous liquid. with oil resistance, solvent resistance, oxygen and ozone resistance, water resistance, high and low temperature resistance and other excellent properties. stable in neutral medium and room temperature, can be stored for several years, but in acid medium decomposition.
it can be vulcanized at room temperature, with inorganic oxides, peroxides, quinone dioxime, amine compounds and so on as vulcanizing agent. used in aviation, electronic and electrical industries as solvent resistant and waterproof sealing materials,
rocket fuel can also be used as an adhesive. it can be made by condensation of formaldehyde 2-β-chloroethanol and sodium tetrasulfide into high polymer polysulfide rubber, and then desulfurization, chain breaking, condensation and other steps.

product name: liquid polysulfide rubber
molecular weight: 800~6000
relative density: 1.13~1.31
features: excellent oil resistance, gas tightness and solvent resistance
applications: aircraft, ships, cars, buildings

the physical and chemical properties
polysulfide rubber is a polymer compound composed of saturated carbon-hydrogen bonds and sulfur-sulfur bonds. most of the liquid polysulfide rubber is a disulfide polymer with ethyl formaldehyde. the results of oil aging resistance test of liquid polysulfide rubber show that its oil resistance is good, and the oil resistance of the film is improved obviously after the addition of vinylidene-acrylonitrile latex.

liquid polysulfide rubber
molecular weight: 800~6000
cas: 63148-67-4
appearance: light brown transparent viscous or viscous liquid, with a special smell
relative density: 1.13~1.31
refractive index: 1.5689~1.5728
flashing point: 235℃
glass transition temperature: 一76~一40℃
brittleness temperature 一65~一55℃。

liquid polysulfide rubber (jly-121, jly-124, jly-1225, jly-155, jly-215, jly-115, etc.) with its excellent oil resistance, solvent resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, sea water corrosion resistance, ultraviolet light and high energy radiation and other properties, it is widely used in the fields of insulating glass, construction, aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, mechanical and electrical instruments, automobile, railway, water conservancy and petrochemical industry. liquid polysulfide rubber is a kind of oligomer with sh-based terminal.
excellent oil resistance, air tightness, solvent resistance, impact resistance, low temperature resistance, water resistance, chemical stability, ozone resistance, aging resistance. after vulcanization shrinkage rate is small, atmospheric aging resistance is particularly good, its products can be used for 25 years. the operating temperature is 55 ~ 100℃. good compatibility with epoxy resin. poor bonding ability to metal and non-metal. low toxicity, although there is a strong odor, but no irritation to the skin.

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